071 9161602
071 9161602

What is the current price of heating oil?

The easiest way to obtain the price for a heating oil delivery to your home is to use the Quick Quote facility HERE.

Where does McCormacks Fuel deliver?

We deliver Home heating oil at competitive prices across Sligo & Leitrim. If you would like to know if we cover your area please give us a call on 071 9161602.

My oil tank is quite far from the road - how long is the delivery hose?

The average delivery hose on an oil tanker is 150 feet (45 metres)

Do I need to be at home to accept delivery?

As we receive payment upfront, in most cases you do not need to be home to accept delivery, the driver will lock any gates if necessary when he has completed delivery. If you do need to be home please leave a request on your order instructions.

How do I know I received the correct amount of oil?

All our heating oil deliveries are made through the meter on the lorry. All meters are set, sealed, and checked by Trading Standards. The delivery ticket will record on it the appropriate meter readings including the quantity dispensed through the metre and the start and end times of the delivery.

How do I know how much oil I should order?

If you are unsure what quantity to order, we recommend that you order within your budget and match the order quantity with the maximum value that you wish to spend. McCormacks Fuel will never deliver more than this maximum value and we will never overfill your tank. We will simply reduce the order size.

When will my oil be delivered?

Delivery is normally within 1 to 2 working days but during busy times and in poor weather conditions it may take longer. If you require your delivery urgently please let us know when placing your order and we will do our best to accommodate your needs.

Are there other Terms and Conditions of sale?

There are a number of additional Terms and Conditions of sale all of which can be viewed HERE.

What size is my oil tank?

Knowing the size of your oil tank and its capacity will make future orders much easier. The average domestic tank capacity usually ranges between 1000 litres to 1350 litres. Some larger domestic tanks have capacity of up to 2500 litres. All recently manufactured oil tanks m_ust state their approximate maximum capacity (in litres) on the Product Label, which is generally located on the front or side of the tank If you are still unsure of your tank's capacity and want advice, please contact us on 0719161602  and we will do our best to help.

Can I pay the driver with cash?

We take payment online, through our secure website using debit or credit card.
If you would like to pay cash to our driver or in our office please contact us on 0719161602.

Do you charge for credit cards?

We do not charge for credit or debit card transactions.

How can I contact McCormacks Fuel?

If you wish to contact us please visit the Contact us page which is on the top right hand side of the Home page. Our postal address and contact telephone number are also listed here. We would love to hear from you.

Apart from Heating Oil what other products does McCormacks Fuel offer?

McCormacks LMS Oil offers a range of products for sale, including Oil Tanks, Tank Locks & Oil Level Gauges.

Are my details safe?

We take all the necessary steps to ensure that customer's details are secure according to the standards laid out in the Data Protection Act. We only hold information that is relevant to our business, i.e. names, delivery addresses and contact e-mails and telephone numbers. Once you input credit card or debit card details, these are encrypted for use with the current order. We do not store Credit or Debit Card details. Oildelivery.ie website is secure for additional protection against fraudulent use of Credit or Debit cards. Please see McCormacks Fuel Privacy Policy at bottom of home page for more details.

Is oildelivery.ie a Secure Website?

McCormacks Fuel takes customer privacy and security very seriously. We have taken the necessary steps to secure our website and domain from external attacks by implementing a strong, trusted SSL certificate. This certificate ensures that all of our customer details are encrypted and received securely and cannot be viewed by anyone else.

What do customers say about McCormacks Fuel?

We receive a lot of feedback from our customers and this is posted on our testimonials section. This page can be found on the homepage of the website. If you would like to provide any feedback please email us!

How can I check how much heating oil is in my tank?

There are a number of methods for checking the oil levels in your tank, including sight gauge, electronic gauge and physically dipping the tank with a dip stick.

How can I save money on my heating oil bills?

There are a number of ways that you can save on your fuel bills - check them out HERE!

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